Neom Construction Cities

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Scope Master Planning, Interior Design
  • Category Master Planning, Interior Design
  • Size 375,000 sq. m per Camp
  • Year 2020 – 2021

We have been commissioned to set one of the steppingstones for the Public Investment Funds 2030 vision in creating Masterplans for NEOM‘s construction cities.  Neom is set to become the city of the future a new vibrant, tech-oriented destination. The Construction Cities will accommodate the workforce for NEOM from labors to Seniors and Executives. The Construction Cities developed by our team are accommodating a total of 20,000 residents, divided into two camps. Located in almost untouched nature, catering to the environment was a prerequisite. The Masterplan is designed in line with the latest sustainability regulations, with an utmost sensitivity to the existing land maintaining major rock formations within and utilizing excess water deriving from the grey water treatment plants for wetlands – enhancing the recreational areas.

Another design objective was to create a mostly traffic free environment, allowing access to the communal facilities as well as the main transportation hubs in walking distance. The accommodations are divided embellished with numerous courtyards within, allowing for communal and social interaction. Dining facilities, the Mosques and central sports facilities form the heart of the developments accompanied by needful service buildings such as a Clinic, a Fire station, Shops and others all located along a central boulevard.

The communal buildings are further enhanced through art murals developed by local artists portraying the Kingdoms culture.

In Association with ZAS Development.