Park Inn Naseel

Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Scope Interior Design
  • Category Hospitality
  • Size 1600 Guest Rooms & Suites
  • Year 2017

For this project Kieferle & Partner had to bridge a tower refurbishment with a new built tower and create an overall holistic new look to the two-tower Hotel, flagged under RHG’s Park Inn Brand. The vibrant Park Inn Brand elements had to be translated and adapted to suit the local and specifics of Makkah and its primarily religious travelers.

The two spacious, double volume lobby’s welcome the often far traveled guest with a sense of comfort and ease and various lounging zones have been integrated throughout allowing for a for facilitated and speedy check in and check out process.

The guest rooms are equally designed towards latest brand guidelines but have been adapted in a toned-down palette creating a more serene atmosphere, which pilgrims would expect in Makkah.

With its capability to hold up to 4,000 guests, the various dining areas were designed in a flexible manner accommodating large scale groups as well as smaller more intimate family gatherings with flexible dividers creating a sense of privacy allowing further to subtly guide the guests towards the buffet areas assuring a smooth operational flow even in the busiest seasons.